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27 Feb 2013

Forget the chitter chatter about Beauty Boxes that swarmed the blogosphere last year (and largely passed me by) food in a box is where it's at. From steaming bowls of streetfood in a box to Deluxebite - a handpicked selection of artisan foods delivered to your door or desk - we're a nation obsessed with delicious goodies.

For only £20 per month, Deluxebite deliver their box and feed a family - donating a meal to a group of people in need for every box bought. So it's the perfect present for the foodie in your life or that kitchen-clueless person with a conscience.

But do they deliver on what they promise? Without further ado, here are the bits and pieces I received* in my January Selection. 

As you can see, the size of the samples were generous - far more than, say, the tiny gift sachets in beauty boxes and the like. I really wasn't expecting to get full-sized jars so that was definitely a bonus. Clockwise from top left:
  • The Coffee Factory Black Label Devonshire Coffee had a rich, velvety chocolate taste and is definitely a coffee for coffee lovers. At times - especially if burnt - I could imagine less accustomed people not enjoying this. However the bitter-chocolate smell and taste is exactly to my taste and with a little bit of brown sugar and milk slips down a treat. I've only had one cup so far but I am looking forward to taking it to the new job.
  • A bonus for diabetics like me, the Bracken Hill Apple Chutney has no added sugar and the sharpness comes from the apple rather than the sickly sweet mango varieties you get at Indian restaurants. An exceptional accompaniment for cheese. I've eaten it all, already.
  • Butternut squash is one of my favourite veg so this Raman's Squash Relish again was right up my alley. I eat this on Ryvitta and out of everything in the box, this is something I definitely think I will buy again. It had a warmth and spice to it that I wasn't expecting and was a treat. 
  • The Nim's Fruit Crisps were the most disappointing item out of the box. It's a personal thing, but I found the textures just weird and I'd prefer to either eat crisps or fruit rather than combining them. Still if you're into banana chips you'd like these and they'd be a great little snack to take into the office.
  • Finally the Venison chorizo which although looking like a little spicey freeze dried poo in a packet (sorry, my mind is terrible) was the most delicious thing I've ever had. Unlike the super fatty beef chorizo you get in the supermarket, this had a gamey depth of flavour and was quite unusual. I'd love to know how I should have cooked it - I used it as the main flavouring ingredient with chickpeas and veg and really enjoyed it, although my flavour combinations didn't sit quite right. (Clearly I've watched far too much Great British Menu, after reading that sentence!)
Overall I think Deluxebite is really good value for money. I'm not sure I'd consider a monthly subscription on my income - however once I was earning a little more, I certainly would pay. At only £20 and a charitable donation each time and also supporting little start up food businesses, I'd love to see more things like this. They are a brilliant gifting idea - especially for those tricky teacher/parent/colleague type people who you'd otherwise get something boring.

I had a little look on their Facebook Page - there seems to be some naysaying on their branding and value for money, but after research and trying the products thoroughly (hence this being a review of January's products and it's the end of Feb) I'd definitely recommend trying them out or getting for a friend.

If you could get a monthly selection of foods, what would you like?
Til next time x                                                                                                  *products received free of charge for review; however opinions, as always, my own

9 lovely comments:

  1. I had a 6 month subscription to Larder Box which is pretty much the same as this! It was always great receiving things that I wouldn't normally buy or try and it always came with a guide to each product with suggestions of how to try them. I might have to resubscribe!

    1. Hey Dominique! Well if you check my post again, Deluxebite have actually given me a discount code so all the more reason to subscribe :) I actually think they are the same company - just with a different name. Doooo it x

  2. Food boxes over beauty boxes ANYDAY. I don't think I can think of anything better. Anything with chutney is a winner in my book xxx

    1. haha the chutney was aaaaamayyyyzing it barely lasted 5 seconds in my house!

  3. I would love to subscribe to one of these boxes if only I could afford it! The food looks delicious. x

    1. You can actually purchase them as a one off if you wanted to try! xx

  4. Have you tried the free Graze boxes they are yummy

    1. Not a fan of Graze boxes - they were a bit samey I found, lots of nibbly bits but it all tasted a bit plasticky and not a lot of flavour. Would prefer to buy my own! You'd like this though for sure. xx


    2. Good post. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!

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