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23 Apr 2013

Have you ever felt like you're drowning in stuff? I don't know about you, but as a blogger I have clothes, beauty products and shoes coming out of my ears. Living with two other girls means at some point you have to en masse organise a big clear out. Thankfully, IKEA is here to help...

I really do love this advert as it really rang true for me. Have you ever felt like you're drowning in stuff? To the point where you can't enjoy life - bits and pieces all over the floor and stacked in towering mess around you!? (No mum and dad... I'm not describing my bedroom...) Point being - now it's a new year and we're a couple of pay-days deep, there is no time like the present to get your living situation sorted.

As you know a couple of months ago I was advertising for a new flatmate - well we found the lovely Lauren who is now an official housemate! She's awesome.  We arranged her name onto the fridge with our magnet letters (the real right of passage, rather than signing the tenancy... ahem) which you can see on my instagram.

I can tell you for free that three girls living together have more clothes, beauty products and shoes than you can shake a stick at! Very much like the couple in the ad we had got so much useless rubbish stored that it was getting unbearable. With one of our old flatmates leaving - who had lived there for 3 years - and leaving a tonne of stuff behind that belonged to no one - we had the perfect opportunity to start afresh. No time like the present to get stuff in order.

Firstly we threw away everything we didn't need and cleaned everything we had. I highly, highly recommend you do this before the trip to IKEA. It gives you an idea of what you have and the space you've got to play with. Get on your marigolds and just designate a Saturday to chucking stuff away. Be ruthless - if you don't use it, either chuck it or give it to someone who will. Clothes in good condition get to the charity shop - this time I gave mine to a Christian church who send donations to Africa, but I'm not particularly religious so any charity is fine with me. Just make sure someone else will get some use out of it - it's good for the people of this earth and the environment. Same applies to decent furniture - the Salvation Army cries out for furniture donations and I believe even do pick up where possible.

Once you've cleaned (visit Mrs Thrifty for cleaning tips) you can see everything you do own. Have a think. Take a good walk around your house and think about where things could possibly go. Do you have any dead space you're not using, for example? Remember even bits of bare wall are space - little shelves (like these, which we bought two of) are invaluable for storing bits and pieces on. Take a look at IKEA's storage solutions - even if I don't buy all my furniture from IKEA I definitely use their catalogs as inspiration! On the rare occasion I can't afford IKEA, Argos and Homebase often offer good value for money too.

Then work out what do you use the most? The least? The most quick and grab-able items need to be front and centre for easy access, and the occasional use items you can store away in attractive boxes for later. In the video, for example, the lovely lady has a great deal of red shoes which she tucks away in her wardrobe in a really cool shoe organiser. Point being: you're far more likely to stay tidy if you think about what you need.

When you go to IKEA or Argos, have a firm idea what you want before you go, complete with measurements and everything else. DO NOT just turn up. You'll just end up buying something you don't need. Think of depths as well as widths, doors opening etc. Everything - down to colour - should be considered beforehand. Always look in the showroom as occasionally things on the net are deceiving.

Finally, don't buy too many candles. Seriously. My room now smells beautiful and our house is looking much better (room tour soon!) but I think my flatmates must think I'm holding a constant seance.

How do you plan your living space?
Til next time x

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4 lovely comments:

  1. It's a lovely ad. I had a clearing of my wardrobe on Saturday (and posted about it) and it feels so good! I also did a few bits in the basement yesterday as well. I so hear you on the candles, I have too much now, I'm not buying more in a while!

  2. I have so much stuff it's crazy, I brought home another wardrobe's worth of clothes and shoes as we are currently emptying one of the family homes I grew up with. So my wardrobe room is now fit to bursting and I have been ebaying and outsorting as much as possible.

  3. I really need some storage, I just have loads of stuff everywhere!

  4. I love that advert! I've got a tendency to hoard things but I'm getting better at throwing things away or donating old unwanted items to charity!

    Lovely to meet you this weekend, Amelia!
    I hope your ankle is feeling better now :)

    Hannah xx


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