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19 May 2013

Season 6 of Mad Men is back on our screens and we all know what that means: Don Draper getting through a bottle of whiskey a day (and probably several women too) brilliant insights into the world of advertising and fabulous retro fashion.

I'm trying to look a little more 'tidy' at work myself; so taking tips from Christina Hendricks and the lovely girls at Isme, we've put together a little guide.

1. Big hair
Catherine Deneuve in Belle De Jour
Whether you sport shorter hair a la Betty Draper, played by January Jones, or more naturally wavy curls like Megan, everyone can give 60's 'big hair' a go. Begin by creating volume by blow-drying the underside of your hair. Curl around a circular, rounded brush and use mousse or hair-spray for extra hold. If your roots need a little help, try dry shampoo or volume dust combined with gentle back-combing. Finally, tong longer hair into big, wavy ringlets at the bottom using a wide-barrelled curling tong.

2. Statement earrings
Lare, dangly earrings are all the range this series. I've always loved a good pair of chandelier earrings - just make sure yours are more glamorous than 'Pat Butcher'. I think you can't go wrong by visiting Accessorize. Chandelier earrings are a lot more versatile than might be expected, lending excitement to casual outfits with your hair worn down, or for a little more 'wow' factor for an evening out.

3. Try red lipstick

Peggy's 'basket of kisses' from the Belle Jolie lipstick test back in Season 1 was one of the iconic moments of the series. Follow in the footsteps of the office girls by testing out several shades of red and pink. I believe there is a red for everyone - MAC or Daniel Sandler do brilliant red lippy, and in my (humble) opinion you can't really go wrong with Ruby Woo.

4. A bold, fitted dress

Go for a dress with bright block colours - teamed with a belt at the waist and structured shoulders, there's no need to fear vibrant shades. Pencil dresses, such as those available at Isme*, are a good place to start when creating an effortlessly elegant look: hems that finish just below the knee give your legs a great shape, especially with court shoes.

5. Point your toes

A good pair of heels will set off the dresses and skirts perfectly. Try a medium heel if you're a bit wobbly with high heels like me (I only ever go to 3 inch heels) or if you really can't handle the heels the secretaries in Mad Men wear every day, a pointed toe on a flat shoe will have the same effect.

Would you try Mad Men style at work? Til next time x

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  1. A lovely post! I'm so glad Mad Men is back - I love the style. I'd like to think that I adopted it at work, but sadly, I'm too disorganised in the morning and tend to look dishevelled!


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