Style thief: Iggy Azalea

6 May 2013

Iggy wears: Balmain jacket, Christopher Kane sweatpants and a Trapstar hat

Introducing my new girl-crush and awesome rapper Iggy Azalea. Iggy comes from Australia, and raps for a living alongside modelling for Levis and other brands.

I've been listening to Iggy Azalea for a little while now and I'm completely in love with her fresh sound and awesome sense of style. She's well known for her naughty lyrics (see titular song 'Pu$$y' for that - NB/ contains swearing!) but the thing I most love about her is her look.

Iggy wears: Sweat from Jamie McFarlen

I absolutely love what she wears; it makes me think of words like 'trill' and 'dope' (and no, I don't know what they mean) but it's a fresh, pop yet grunge take on the 90's that I adore.

Iggy wears: The Real G sweat from See You Monday
It's a style that is worked similarly by Rihanna, Rita Ora, Cara Delevigne et al - it's quite a tricky one to pull off, especially if you're not rail thin. But Iggy has got curves for DAYS (if you've seen the Work video, you'll be an immediate fan of her perfect derriere) and I like the fact she can work the look with a great healthy figure. She's definitely my squat-inspiration!

SO: to steal her look. Now the links I've posted thus far are a little on the pricey size (ed: a little?!) So I've got some links for you: These ASOS sweatpants are a dead ringer for her patterned Christopher Kane numbers // This is her very own Trapgold tee // She was snapped on Instagram in this Lazy Oaf bodysuit // These Topshop tiger print shorts are in the style of her new Indian themed video, Bounce.

I hope you liked this post; it's a new style of blogging for me and something I've been wanting to do for a long while! Hopefully I will do more fashion posts as time goes on - and even some outfit posts if I'm feeling confident!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Is this a look you want to rock? x

2 lovely comments:

  1. i LOVE me some iggy! She's drop dead gorgeous and her music is amazing! Although I would personally describe her style as more 90s Hip Hop than pop but hey ho!

  2. Lovely dress, exceptional blog, nice Iggy from Australia. In US Authentic Pigment t shirts are so famous..


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