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Can I Use Toner Every Day?

Many people have a desire to improve their skin tone and they focus on the best cosmetics and high-quality products designed for fulfilling their skin care requirements. They can pay attention to honest reviews of high-quality yet affordable toners available on the market. They have to compare and narrow down the best Korean toners for oily skin based on some important factors like quality, cost and benefits. They can make an informed decision and buy the suitable toner.

Benefits of using the toner

Regular cleansing and moisturizing are very important for proper facial skin care at this time. A high-quality facial toner is used to keep the skin clean and healthy.  You can use the homemade toner or any leading brand of toner subsequent to a thorough analysis of how to reap benefits from such product. The main benefits for users of the facial toner are including, but not limited to the following.

Can I Use Toner Every Day

  • Balance the pH level
  • Detoxification
  • Pore shrinkage and tightening
  • Acne reduction
  • Hydration and nourishment
  • Versatility

The best facial toners are very helpful to balance the pH level of the skin. If you maintain a balanced pH level of the skin, then you can keep away from possibilities of oiliness and infection. You will be happy to get vibrant and smooth skin. Industry-made chemicals affect the health and appearance of the skin.

Facial toners made of the best ingredients remove environmental toxins like smog, smoke and various chemical residues from the skin.  The maximum facial pores let maximum oil, dirt and toxins to enter the skin. Facial toners are designed to tighten the facial pores.

Sufferers of acne and other related problems can prefer and use the high-quality facial toner. They can remove the residue, dead skill cells and oily build-up when they use the facial toner as per guidelines. The best facial toners provide enough hydration to the skin and maintain moisture, smoothness and elasticity required for youthful look.

What is in the toner?

Different facial toners are available on the market at the competitive prices. As a beginner to the facial toner shopping, you have to choose the toner based on its ingredients at first. This is because every ingredient in this product plays a vital role behind the overall effects. The main categories of toners are skin bracers or fresheners, skin tonics, acid toners and astringents. The foremost ingredients used in the successful brands of toners on the market in our time are as follows.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Rose
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Cucumber extract
  • Chamomile extract
  • Sandalwood
  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
  • Willow bark otherwise known as Salicylic Acid
  • Clary Sage
  • Witch Hazel

How does toner work?

It is the appropriate time to focus on how toner works.  The first-class ingredients in the skin toner give the most outstanding benefits to all users who properly apply the toner as per guidelines. This is worthwhile to find the natural toner or toner made of a good combination of natural ingredients to get benefits and no side effects.

Every user of the toner can get enough assistance to repair, restore and renew their skin as expected. They get the most expected enhancement in their skin in terms of the appearance. They use the toning as the second step in their regular skin care activities.

Many people misunderstand that their daily skin routine gets completed with wash and dry their skin. They have to add a skin toner to their regular skincare regimen and reduce the pore size and oil content in the skin. They must remember that a toner is not a substitute for any skin care product. They cannot get the effects of cleansing while using the toner. This is because a cleanser gets deep down in their pores for purifying the skin.

Can everyone use toner every day?

Toner is required by everyone who likes to keep their skincare routine favourable in all aspects. This is because a toner is effective at a proper maintenance of the pH balance of the skin at 4 to 4.5 for the best skin health. If you use the usual sop to cleanse the face, then the pH level of the skin may increase up to 6. An increased pH level of the skin creates maximum oils and throws the natural micro-flora of the skin.

Individuals of every age group can use the toner after a comprehensive analysis of their skin care requirements on the whole. They have to be conscious about their skin type at first. This is because every toner is not suitable for all skin types. If you have a sensitive, oily, normal or dry skin, then you have to identify and buy the suitable toner. You can explore top brands of the Korean toners in detail and make positive changes in your approach to buy and use one of these toners. You will get the most expected benefits from an efficient use of the toner based on suggestions from skin care experts.

Green Tea balancing skin ex from the brand Innisfree is a renowned toner on the market.  This product is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients. The green tea extract is the main ingredient of this toner.  Peach Sake Toner from Skinfood brand is specially made of high-quality ingredients to assist all users to get and maintain healthy and beautiful skin. This toner is very helpful to control excessive oil production and reduce the pores appearance. The best ingredients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C in this product reduce the free radical damage and provide anti-aging benefits.


High-quality and affordable toners are available for sale on online. You have to spend enough time to research the toners and discuss with specialists in toners right now. You will get enough guidance and make an informed decision to purchase and use the appropriate toner. You will be satisfied with the successful approach for Korean toner shopping and encouraged to use such toner as per your skin care requirements.

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How to Select Sunscreen for Your Skin?

Beach season is in complete swing. Research studies have shown time and time once again that sun direct exposure triggers 90 percent of all skin cancers. Since hiding inside your home is the last thing you want to do on a beautiful bright day, it is needed to end up being familiarized with best Korean sunscreen options.

How to Select Sunscreen for Your Skin

Physical Blockers

There are 2 standard manner ins which sunscreen can obstruct the sun’s damaging UV rays-physical and chemical blockers. Physical blockers work by forming an undetectable barrier that shows rays far from your skin. The active components in physical blockers are titanium oxide or zinc oxide. These components are most likely to appear in solutions identified, “waterproof” or “sweat-resistant.” While these labels suggest that the item will stay efficient longer throughout swimming or sweating, no sunscreen is truly water resistant. Always reapply after swimming, sweating or toweling off.

Sun blocks with physical blockers are frequently chosen by people with oily skin because they are non-greasy. In the past, people kept away from physical blockers to prevent the pale, whitish tint that was frequently developed by the active components. The new solutions on the market have reduced this result to produce physical blockers that are both comfy and reliable. Some preferred brands are Banana Boat, Blue Lizard and the line of sun blocks by Shiseido. If you want a sunscreen that does not feel oily, or you are extremely active outdoors, this type is best for you.

Sun protection aspect or more typically called SPF is a measurement of the efficiency of a sunscreen against UVB rays. The SPF number happens from the ratio of the number of minutes it takes an individual with light delicate skin to burn with a particular sunscreen on, to the number of minutes an individual burns without any sunscreen. For approximating the number of minutes of protection you have against the sun while using sunscreen, you increase the number of minutes it takes you to get sunburned by the SPF of the sunscreen you are using (this computation is an estimate). If it takes 5 minutes in the sun for you to burn and you use a SPF 10 sunscreen then 5 times 10 will provide you an overall of 50 minutes that you can remain safeguarded from the sun, presuming of course that you put enough sunscreen on.

Chemical Blockers

Chemical blockers work by taking in UV rays before they permeate the skin’s surface. With the approval of new active components by the FDA, sunscreen producers in the U.S. now have access to solutions that have been popular in European lines for quite a long time. Mexoryl is a new active ingredient used to develop solutions that feel light-weight and less oily on skin.

Chemical Blockers

Some producers are developing new sunscreen innovations that makes these active components more steady, which indicates much better protection. Neutrogena’s line of sun blocks provide lasting protection and many of their items are “dry-touch” solutions, developed for daily wear. Search these new items, and you will find sun blocks that function as moisturizers and include anti-oxidants to eliminate aging. If you want a comfy, multi-tasking sunscreen that feels stylish on the skin, this is the type for you.

The sun produces UVA and UVB rays which just vary in the quantity of energy that they bring, UVB rays having the most energy. UVB rays are thought to be accountable for sunburns, while UVA rays are more associated to photo-aging since they permeate much deeper into the skin. To select a great sunscreen that secures against both kinds of rays we should search the labels for “broad spectrum protection.”

A Number Isn’t Whatever

On your sunscreen shopping spree, you will also discover greater SPFs than we’ve had in the past. The new supporting innovations and much better solutions imply you can use an SPF 85 item that feels comfy all the time. If you know you may not always reapply sunscreen as typically as you should, buy the greatest SPF available. With imperfect use, the SPF 85 may have the impact of an SPF 45, which is still a sensible level of protection.

If a sunscreen feels oily or you do not like the aroma, you will be less most likely to reapply every 2 hours-if you use it at all! It is rewarding to find an item you like. With the huge range of choices available at any pharmacy, I ensure you will find an item to suit your needs. I believe you will be happily surprised at how simple it is to find a sunscreen that you delight in using as much as your preferred face cream.


If you have not been buying sunscreen in the previous year or more, you may be overwhelmed by the many choices filling store racks. In the past, your most significant decision had to do with the SPF or sun protection element on the bottle. SPF is still a crucial number, however it is not always the very best way to pick the best Korean sunscreen that is good for you.

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Sojourning in Norfolk

Just a little post for you guys to let you know what I’ve been up to!

I was lucky enough to escape the rat-race for a couple of days and head back to my home-town of Norwich.

Norfolk days 1

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been dog-sitting for the last couple of days – his name is Zach and he was one adorable (albeit extremely naughty) pooch.

Check out this video to see Zach in action.

Norfolk days 2

I was thoroughly spoiled – mum knows I’ve been having a tough time of it all so I got breakfast in bed, trips out and cakes galore.

Norfolk days 3

It’s only a short little post, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my photo snapshots!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Til next time! A x


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Take a moment: June


What a jolly old June it’s been. It’s certainly been a funny month – filled with highs; Lovebox and seeing Groove Armada play the most amazing set, falling in love with the band Little Dragon and discovering I’m a terrible poker player.

For my diary entry, click here.

I saw this on Lipssofacto and thougt it was a nice way to share songs – I’ve always got a playlist on the go and I love to find out what other people are listening to (such a nosey parker!) so my songs of the moment are –

Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans
Supergrass, Moving
Little Dragon – Ritual Unions
Friendly Fires – Jump in the Pool
Groove Armada – My Friend

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic June. Till next time x


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Honey glazed pork with Star Anise

Life motto: When life gives you lemons – make lemonade… and potentially add vodka.

I’ve been doing this all week; making a fuss of myself, taking each day as it comes – and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

After working all weekend I was feeling particularly exhausted and really, really fancied a good, old fashioned pork roast with crackling. I have a recipe (of course I have a recipe!) stored up for these sorts of occasions – it won’t win you any points on the counting-calories front, but it’s a corker to impress a group of friends – perfect if you’re entertaining, or making a fuss of a loved one.

Firstly you need a lovely pork joint. Select one with a good ring of fat around the outside for crackling, and try to make it as organic and lovingly farmed as you can afford.


Pour some boiling water on it to properly melt the fat underneath the rind – I’d recommend a couple of washes. This means that your crackling will be crisp and delicious rather than chewy and sloppy (no-one likes that!)


Now to score the skin. You’ll need to go about an inch or so deep – so you’ll need a very sharp knife indeed! Most joints come pre-scored but it’s often not very effective for really good crackling, so get stuck in!



After you’ve scored the meat, rub some rock salt into the skin to really dehydrate it and slide a generous amount of star anise pieces in the gaps – this will flavour the skin and the meat.

Chop up 2 onions and slide underneath the meat – this will mean you get really succulent gravy from the meat juices, honey and spices.

Pop in the oven on around 220C for 20 mins – after this turn the heat down a little and drizzle manuka honey all over the skin and meat to really make it gooey and yummy…

Leave for around an hour / 2 hours (depending on how big your joint is!)



And then you’re done. Tender, succulent, crispy, spicy, honey-fied meat. Guaranteed to impress boyfriend’s mums, heal broken hearts and fill you up with enough left for sandwiches for the next day.

Ti” next time!


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Cosmo Blog awards

Yes… this is a completely unrelated picture of a bike with bubbles

I received the shock of my life yesterday when I discovered this wee blog had been nominated in the Cosmo Blog Awards.

Yeah, that’s right! My name right next to some amazing blogs. To say I was elated would be the understatement of the century. I am honestly so thankful to everyone who voted for me – you all know I’ve been having a pants time so it really represented somewhat of a turn of fortunes for me. Thank you =]

I would love it if you voted for Love Mealie – in the Lifestyle category – if you thought I was worthy! If not, there are some amazing nominees who I’ve linked to below.

A Thrifty Mrs | Afroblush | Ballet Pumps & Roses | Beautiful Clutter | Chronic Katie | Dolly Bow Bow | Domestic Sluttery | Ella Masters | Fizz&Tattle | Vintage Folly | Velo City Girl | Trends With Benefits | 3 Bad Mice | World Of Kitsch | Milk&Honey | Florence Finds | Girl Lost in the City | Into The Blonde | Lunacy of Ink

Till next time! A x


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How to mend a sad heart


Stuff has been hard recently. Realising you wasted 2 years of your life on someone who would always bring you down and take from you is tough to stomach. Coming to terms with things that happened years & years ago is never easy. Being led on and used is hurtful and makes you feel like a fool.

These are an amalgamation of all the things that have gotten me down recently.

A friend texted me recently to see how I was and after a conversation told me that my ‘little heart is sad’. That’s exactly what it is; everything has just piled on top of me and it’s turned the sunny days grey.


I’ve written these things partly with the hope that it will help you smile, and partly as a form of catharsis.

1) Allow yourself to go through the motions

Don’t be ashamed to feel upset or angry. Human beings have the capacity within them to be incredibly hurtful and really, really stupid to their fellow animals.

Get mad, get sad, cry, throw things about, dance to loud music – anything that allows you to express yourself.

Don’t question it – don’t question why something has made you so upset, just ride the feeling and go with it. Embrace it, wallow in it, revel in being human and feeling stuff. Enjoy it – enjoy being utterly self-indulgent.


Tell yourself not to stonewall or block your emotions, but to experience them like some sort of river you are traveling on.

You are an emotional Pocahontas, so get your canoe and go round the freaking riverbend.

Take time to observe how you react; how and why the tears stop coming, the mental images that still make you smile, the beating of your heart when you get angry.

Congratulations – you’re learning about yourself and developing a relationship with yourself.

2) Look at pictures of animals

We all know how much I love animals by now (and if you don’t, this post will help you remember)

Animals are beautiful and wonderful things; they love unconditionally and only do what is best for the species. Animals are simplistic and fluffy and cuddly and need feeding and routine and they simply are fantastic.

For example, here is a gorgeous dog with a glass of wine balanced on his head:


And here is a pug who really wants some bacon:
See? It is physically impossible not to feel enlightened by these two pictures.

3) Read
Read everything.

Google all your questions about what has gone wrong for you and trawl through forums to see if the answers match up.

Read about different experiences. Read about heartbreak, again and again and again. About love lost, and above all love found and things going bloody right for once.

Read about tentatively hoping for the future. About trust.

Read fantastic poetry, dark poetry, beautiful poetry.

Read until your soul is full with all the other people in the world and their thoughts; hold them close and embrace it.

4) Write

Go create. Write those feelings down and store it somewhere special. Don’t be afraid to express yourself (remember no.1) despite how cringeworthy it might seem.

Look at the above picture. It should inspire you. Silvia Plath is my favourite poet and she has some excellent reasons.

5) Make a fuss of yourself

So you want to spend £20 on a Chinese take out and watch re-runs of New Girl whilst wrapped in a towel with a face mask on? Do it. So you want to take a walk in the rain with no coat on just because you like getting soaked to the skin? Do it.

Do everything. Drink a cappuccino, sit on a squishy leather sofa, go to places that make you reminisce, places that make you gasp at their beauty. Look for hidden meanings in lyrics that apply to your situation; just indulge in baths and candles and beautiful bedlinen and expensive pajamas.

6) Give yourself time

Don’t rush into something else. Fill yourself up with you for once. Take some time for yourself for once. Tell people to go f*ck themselves for once. Don’t allow people to take advantage of your kind heart for once. Surround yourself with the same sex for once. Flirt with all the boys for once. (Ok, I always do that)

The point being is that you need to get used to your inner heart compass pointing due North, to yours truly, to you and you alone. You are reprogramming.

You’ll be suffering from a surfeit of time; time spent on the phone to try to help people or perhaps time spent trying to catch someone’s attention. When all this time lands in your lap it is somewhat bewildering, somewhat tempting to just give it to someone else. Well, I believe it helps to volunteer. Give your time that you don’t know what to do with to those who don’t have a hope in the world; to abandoned animals, people without homes or families.

And finally:-

7) Always remember – whatever terrible tragedies that have happened in your life, things that have been said, time and experiences lost, feelings battered and bruised – your heart is not ‘broken’ – your heart is just sad. It will mend.

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it.

‘Til next time x

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Thanking-you blog giveaway!


I’m hosting a little blog giveaway to say thank-you very much for sticking with Love Mealie and reading my posts. You’ve all left me such lovely comments and I’ve met some truly wonderful people via this blog. You’re all fab. You really are my little internet ‘Ohana’ and it makes me really, really happy.

To say thank you the lovely people at Simply Beach have allowed me to give away a £50 voucher to their online boutique, You can buy lingerie, bikinis and other such lovely stuff there – I’m putting in an order myself next payday, as they do a really good range of DD+ lingerie.

To enter my give-away, all you have to do is:
1) Follow me on GFC
2) Leave a comment here with your name, GFC account and email address
3) If you want to gain an extra entry, please tweet the following:

“I entered @LoveMealie blog give-away for a £50 Simply Beach voucher!”
I’ll be choosing the winner in two weeks time (so Sunday 22nd is when the give-away will close) using a random number generator.
I wish you all the best of luck and I can’t wait to find out who wins 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve now chosen the winner. WELL DONE NATALIE!

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French Onion Soup

I’ve tried this one a few times and I’m not afraid to say that it’s definitely a winner. This is my favourite sort of recipe – a few simple ingredients, coming together to create a gem of a dish.This is great for dinner parties – as a neat little starter, or simply a comfort meal for one!


This recipe serves around 4 people, but feel free to scale up/down portion sizes depending on who you are feeding – I’d say this would be great as a starter for 6 trim ladies, or a main for 2 *very* hungry boys.

You’ll need:
3/4 large white onions
cubes of butter (cut an inch-thick slice from your butter stick if you’re feeling naughty)
2 pints of stock
1 large glass of wine
splash of cheap Brandy
Gruyere cheese
3 cloves of garlic

Now chop your onions in half and then into long segments. No dicing please – as we want to maximise the onion flavour without them disintegrating. It might be an idea to chop your garlic too – again, don’t be too fussy with the chopping, as we’re going to be cooking this for a while.



Plonk in the butter and allow it to get a little melty before adding your onions and garlic. Turn the heat riiiiight down and allow to cook ‘long-time’ – you want to allow the onions to get really sticky, unctuous and translucent.

This might take a while – up to 45 minutes – and don’t forget to stir!

In the meantime, you could pretend to be French.


This, of course, is entirely optional.

Now for that wine. Slosh in a generous glass whilst you turn up the heat to simmer the alcohol off. I’ve used a sweet, dry white called Voigner, but a cheap Pinot will suffice.


… Don’t be afraid to pour yourself a glass too!

After around 5 minutes, splash a little brandy in too and then allow to simmer on a lower heat for another 5-8 minutes or so. You need the flavour of the plonk without the acrid alcohol taste.

Rip up half of the baguette into small pieces and plop into the soup, along with some crumbled cheese (and some thickening granules if you chickened out and added a little water half way through. It’s fine – you don’t trust me! I did the same thing myself when I first cooked it.

Wait until the baguette pieces are almost, almost melting into the soup and take off the heat.

You could serve this then and there, but then what’s the fun in that? Now for the naughty pièce de résistance – a grilled, cheesey, crouton topping.

Chop thin slices of baguette and place on top of your serving of soup, and smother in your Gruyere cheese.



Remove from the grill only when the cheese is bubbling, browning and melty.

Dig in and whimper with pleasure. And thank me later.


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Instagram holiday


Remember that surf holiday I told you about? Here are some lovely photos!

1 – Making home-made trifle for a Jubilee feast! | 2 – Star, the hostel’s dog – and my new best friend | 3 – My fave beach for surfing | 4 – A delicious lunch of grilled squid and prawn | 5 – The world’s HUGEST burger EVER – the perfect antidote for surf fatigue | 6 – Me with my feet dangling out of the kayak (I later regretted this, see photo 14) | 7 – A shot of the river I went kayaking down | 8 & 9 – Star again | 10 – Grilled squid with veggies | 11 – The Paintshop barbeque | 12 – I stayed at a hostel called The Paintshop – this is the veranda | 13 – A glass of my new favourite wine, Vino Verde | 14 – My sun-burnt legs in the mid-week post-kayak! | 15 – My first glimpse of the sea | 16 – Going for a wee paddle! I distinctly remember getting soaked by a rogue wave | 17 – Postcards home (that predictably I never sent…) | 18 – A gorgeous little antiques market in the square where I bought some cute earrings | 19 – The walk down to the beach was positively idyllic | 20 – Saying goodbye on the fast-train back home

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