You may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting. Sorry! I’m on somewhat of a blog holiday at the moment.

This was sparked by me being taken advantage of by a cowboy designer who promptly ripped off another lovely bloggers layout. It was all very upsetting and led to people being snarky. Deciding that I was going to take something positive from this mess, I took the initiative to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages and change my blog name¬† – and Love Mealie was born.

Love Mealie is the sign-off I write on most of my emails, so I thought it would be super cute to have as a blog name. It’s much more personal and much more about me. It’s somewhat of a rebrand, so for the minute my blog posts have headed back to draft so I can make them more relevant and beautiful. I hope it will lead to a more focused, enjoyable reading experience ūüôā

The lovely¬†Faye Marie¬†(aka my personal angel) is redesigning the entire look of this ‘ere blog – so please check back from time to time, and subscribe on¬†Hello Cotton¬†and follow me on¬†Twitter¬†where you’ll be the first to know when everything goes live.

Thanks again for sticking with me ūüôā

LOVE mealie x

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French Connection Spring/Summer 2012

Just a super quick post to share with you all the looks currently bouncing around at one of my fave high street stores – French Connection.


I adore French Connection – I wear and continue to wear every item I’ve bought there. Alongside GAP, Vero Moda¬†and Warehouse, I think it makes up the ‘brand identity’ of my wardrobe. I opt for simplicity, subtle pattern, fun colours, cut¬†and comfort above high-end fashion.


Spring and¬†Summer are what¬†French Connection do best in my opinion. The combination of happy colours and figure-friendly cuts mean this blogger is chuffed with every purchase. We’re not just thinking of cost here – I know FCUK products are often a little out of the price-range of most students and first jobbers, but I promise you – save up for a couple of key pieces and you’ll see their value in cost per wear. I’m still wearing a ¬£70 dress that I bought over 5 years ago.¬†5 years!¬†– and I swear I wear it at least twice a month.


You can see three distinct trends here – monochrome, which comes into it’s own every Spring as us working folk rush to replace our warm-weather work wardrobe. Then a cute, playful look with warm colours, and a more directional, sport-luxe inspired set with cooler colours. A note here – avoid recreating sports luxe with cheaper brands, especially in these colours. It can veer into cheapness, so I’d always recommend a premium brand like FCUK.

Have you got your eye on a high-street store with fashion forward style? Perhaps you’d like me to do a feature? Let me know in the comments!

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NARS Douceur review

Once I found out that I’d got a new job I immediately went out and purchased a couple of make-up pieces that I’d been burning to buy for ages. NARS Douceur was top of my list. I don’t know if you recall my¬†February Favourites video, but in it I talk about having major contouring issues and was using a not-fit-for purpose bronzer.



Douceur means ‘softness’ in French, and I bought it largely on the strength of a review I read from¬†Meg at Lipssofacto. Once I opened the gorgeous packaging I was shocked to find this dark, ruddy brown powder staring back at me. Zut Alors… I thought this was supposed to be subtle!
Panic over *breathes sigh of relief* Meg was absolutely right. Once I swatched the product on the back of my hand I realised that it is extremely subtle, soft and beautiful. I didn’t take a photo as the light conditions weren’t quite right, but¬†click here to see some fab swatches¬†and blush comparisons from Modesty Brown.

Once on, the product really comes into it’s own. I honestly think that it would suit most caucasian skin tones, and even with my yellow, sallow skin it made me look fresh faced rather than overdone. I’ve got quite a rounded face naturally, with little definition – but look what a difference it makes on camera!

It’s a really strange colour – a sort of magic-potion if you will – turning from that strange, earthen brown in the pot to a mixture of flattering pinks and browns.

As you can see, it has really sculpted my face, without looking too ‘done’ – I really love this product, and it was worth every penny of the ¬£21 pound I spent.

You can buy NARS douceur by clicking here.

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Lisa Shepherd event & reader offer



When the lovely Hayley from London Beauty Queen emailed me to let me know about a beauty event that she could no longer attend, I was overjoyed to discover that she wanted myself and Tamsin from Little Glitter to go in her place!

We rocked up to the newly opened Lisa Shepherd salon near Oxford Circus. I’ve popped some photos up of the simply¬†awesome¬†interior. I really love the fact that the salon pops with colour. For too long hair establishments have stuck to the same-old black ‘n’ chintz look that is so outdated – I really like the zing of the yellows, reds and lighting.


The Lisa Shepherd salon is run by the simply lovely Jason Cocking, who I’ve popped a little photo of on the left. A very talented chap who has styled the hair of Cat Deeley, Nigella Lawson and the Olsen twins (there were little squeals of delight in the room when this fact was revealed!)

Jason gave us a little insight into the ‘mane menu’ offered at the London salon – a trend-led set of services that show off the skills of the hairdressers and really help you to look your best and most fashion forward!

One of the things Jason talked about was the ever popular dip-dye, and the more modern take on it that Lisa Shepherd offer. Instead of a block, one-size fits all approach, they take into account your face shape, hair type and skin colour and create the dip-dye of your dreams!

Jason was absolutely lovely, and you could tell that he was ever so passionate about hairdressing. It was really lovely to see and I thought he was a sweetheart! I can honestly say that I have no doubt that he will be winning London hairdresser of the year very soon.

I plumped for a very perfect finish, which was a cut and style and a little helping hand from one of the experienced hairdressers in the salon. My lovely lady (who I’ve forgotten the name of, which is really annoying as I want to grab her the next time I visit) took one look at my hair and said that I didn’t need to get the back cut, but just a little shaping at the front. I believe this is the mark of a good hair dresser – most see my hair and just want to whip the scissors out, but she understood that I was growing mine, and just needed a little more volume. With a snippety snip of the scissors and some styling (using a product I’m going to review later!) my hair was turned from dull to darling!

A very happy face because I got my hair ‘did’ at Lisa Shepherd!

Bingo! Here I am! You can see the shaping she created in the front and the volume. I really loved what she had done and I was ever so happy with it!

She suggested that I should try a dip dye and I have to say I am tempted! Maybe I shall be visiting next pay day, and I’ll share the results if I do!

NOW – The lovely people at Lisa Shepherd have allowed me to share a fantastic offer with you all! If you call to make an appointment and quote my old blog name¬†Tigerlily Blog, you will recieve¬†25% off any treatment¬†and a complimentary¬†shampoo & conditioner! I’d seriously recommend paying them a visit – this is a great offer and I honestly can say they really take into account *you* as a person, rather than treating you like an object. This is something I’ve yet to find in another London salon!

Will you be visiting¬†the Lisa Shepherd salon in London? Perhaps you’d like to try a dip-dye! Do let me know if you go!



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Recycled Beauty Box Give-Away

Hi everyone! I’ve been watching the beauty box trend grow with interest. I don’t think I could afford one myself, but I think it’s a great idea to get people involved with brands that they might not have heard of before. So many new start-up brands can’t afford the blanket advertising that the big ‘uns can, so in my mind this levels the playing field a little.

Recycled Beauty Box Give-Away

To celebrate… well, life, in general, and my blog, I wanted to create my very own beauty box to give away¬†– but with a twist. Everything in it will be a ‘recycled’ product – either something I’ve been sent or bought that I’ve not used, or only used the tiniest bit of.

I see so many people selling their once-swatched products in blog sales that I thought I should give away some¬†things for free that hopefully one lucky winner will love! I know it’s not the most ‘glam’ prize, but I’m all about saving the earth and so I thought it would be appropriate for my first give away. Don’t worry, I’ll be checking the dates of everything!

Just as a disclaimer¬†– I don’t mean to be cheap – I’d love to be able to afford some new bits and pieces for you all – but on my current wages I can barely afford to sort myself out! Soon I promise! But in the mean time I thought why not give away a recycled beauty box to say thank you ūüôā Plus recycling is so much better for the planet than throwing things away – and it’s a great idea for you all to get swapping beauty products!

Now! For the rules!

1) To enter, subscribe to my Facebook, YouTube or Hello Cotton. Each will gain you an entry. So if you subscribe to all 3, you get 3 entries!

2) Please leave your email address / twitter handle / YouTube name or whatever you entered with below ūüôā You have to comment so I know you’ve entered!

3) I’ll announce the winner exactly 1 month from now, on the 6th April, on my blog. I’ll contact you first via email!

It really is that simple! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you ūüôā

EDIT –¬† I’m not doing twitter entries because it would be too fiddly to work out! Please leave a comment here to show you’ve entered ūüôā

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The Style Me Vintage guide

style me vintage

I was very kindly sent the above fabulous book by Naomi Thompson herself to give an independent and honest review so you all know whether it is worth buying.

Firstly – I love this book. It is simply beautiful, making for a gorgeous addition to your coffee table or bookshelf. The attention to detail is fabulous, from the cut-out, shabby chic strip add ons and buttons to the inner folds which have beautiful patterns. I was already drooling before I started to read!

Now if you are an old-time reader you may remember (and chuckle) at¬†my stylish faux pas at a vintage store¬†many moons ago. So this foolproof guide is something of a bible for me. With an easy to follow and informative section on each decade, Naomi helps us to identify ‘real’ vintage by zips, patterns and cuts. There is no preachiness and her tone is simply lovely – unlike many vintage-hounds I’ve met, I don’t feel a plum despite not knowing¬†what¬†a ‘peplum’ is.

The other bit which is great about this book is that Naomi recognises that certain eras worshipped certain body shapes. I’ve learnt that my go-to¬†60s/20s look isn’t the best for my figure, and I should instead look at 50s and 70s clothing. This was a real revelation for me and I definitely feel equipped for whatever those musty shelves throw at me!

In short, this was a delightful read, and thoughtful too – she has a real talent for writing and it shows. If vintage baffles you, I highly recommend this book as it takes your hand carefully and you feel very educated by the end of it! Would I buy it personally – yes! And I’ve already bought it as a present for a friend!
You can buy the Style Me Vintage guide to clothes by Naomi Thompson by clicking here.

What’s your top vintage tip?


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