About Me

A little bit about me….

I’m an advertising professional living and working in London with an unhealthy appetite for shopping and a love of cooking & exploring. This is my little place on the net to be creative and write about things other than campaigns, strategies, twitter and facebook. I love to talk – about anything – and if you want to tweet me you can do so here, send me an email ([email protected]) or simply just leave a comment. Check back from time to time – I do reply.

About me personally – I’m a hopeless romantic who grew up reading Fitzgerald novels and thought love was ‘Just Like That’ (it’s not). I’d certainly classify myself as a failed writer but my mother still hopes I’ve got a novel in there somewhere (love you mum). I value my family implicitly and love them to pieces. I’m a fiercely loyal friend and have an odd sense of humour, but my mates tolerate me so I assume I’m fun to be around. As much as I love all the girly things on this blog (make up, beauty, fashion) I also like films with scary things in them and computer games, which is a curveball for most people. Thankfully I don’t talk about that on here! I’m ever so slightly obsessed with animals, especially dogs – send me a dog gif and I’ll be your friend.