You may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting. Sorry! I’m on somewhat of a blog holiday at the moment.

This was sparked by me being taken advantage of by a cowboy designer who promptly ripped off another lovely bloggers layout. It was all very upsetting and led to people being snarky. Deciding that I was going to take something positive from this mess, I took the initiative to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages and change my blog name¬† – and Love Mealie was born.

Love Mealie is the sign-off I write on most of my emails, so I thought it would be super cute to have as a blog name. It’s much more personal and much more about me. It’s somewhat of a rebrand, so for the minute my blog posts have headed back to draft so I can make them more relevant and beautiful. I hope it will lead to a more focused, enjoyable reading experience ūüôā

The lovely¬†Faye Marie¬†(aka my personal angel) is redesigning the entire look of this ‘ere blog – so please check back from time to time, and subscribe on¬†Hello Cotton¬†and follow me on¬†Twitter¬†where you’ll be the first to know when everything goes live.

Thanks again for sticking with me ūüôā

LOVE mealie x