Honey glazed Paprika sticky ribs

The weather in London has been absolutely beautiful over the weekend – but I’ve been somewhat of a homebody over the past couple of days, staying in with the windows open. I’m not sure what has come over me as I’m normally the outdoorsy type, but as we’ve got a balcony I’ve been making sure to eat all my dinners there.

Anyway, Saturday had rolled around and I found myself hankering for a good, old fashioned rib ‘n’ burger mashup. Without a to-hand American diner, this was the next best thing. This is a great little recipe if you have a barbeque on the go, but if not never fear – you can use a griddle pan or a wide-bottomed pan with good results too.

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Firstly buy some good quality pork ribs with lots of meat round the bones. I got a good deal on mine from Sainsburys, but if I had my time again I’d definitely walk down to my local butcher, The Ginger Pig.
Cover them with garlic salt, and leave to come to room temperature. If you can, sit them, packet still on, in a warm, shallow bottomed roasting tray full of hot water – this will soften the meat. Garlic salt can be grabbed at most supermarkets, but I’d advise you make your own – mash 2 cloves of garlic with rock salt and a little bit of olive oil.
Next for the cooking. Heat olive oil in the pan (or stoke the barbie) and coat the ribs with Paprika. Wait until the oil is smoking and then add the ribs. Give them the once over so the outside has caught, then turn down the heat.
Next, drizzle Agave Nectar onto your ribs. Coat one side first, allow to cook, then spin over and repeat. Use agave nectar if you can – it’s low GI and doesn’t burn like honey does – not such an issue for barbeque cooking, but I don’t want your kitchen smoked out!
Now leave the ribs to do their funky thing in the pan – or leave a man to, er, ‘man’ the barbeque (nothing pleases a man more than waving a pronged instrument at a smoking barbeque wearing a dodgy apron – TRUST)
Now, ribs aren’t the healthiest thing for your waistline, I’m not going to lie. So we’ll make it a bit better with a healthy salad.
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This is a thai-inspired fusion salad, with mango, rocket, chillis, cherry toms, cucumber and a healthy drizzle of lime juice. It’s zippy and HOT and the perfect partner to the fatty, honey-fied ribs.
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All you need to do now is lovingly plonk the ribs ontop of your salad and serve with a big glas of wine (or in my case, raspberry & cranberry juice as I’m off the booze)

What do you think of my first recipe? Would you like to see more on my blog?

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