Eva Mendes - workout inspiration

Eva Mendes – workout inspiration

Eva Mendes - workout inspiration Eva Mendes - workout inspiration

I think all changes in one’s life are started in a moment of self-realisation. I’ve felt like a wee chunky monkey for a little while now, and I reckon now is as good a time as any to lose some weight. I will never be scary-skinny like Kate Bosworth or Kirsten Dunst, but I think everyone should pick a celeb (or real person!) whose body and approach they admire as a benchmark to aim for.  Eva Mendes - workout inspiration

My ‘person’ of choice is Eva Mendes (To start – how MUCH do I love the black and white photoshoot with Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes and Eva’s GORGEOUS doggie? Answer – very, very much!) She is a stunning girl and has a style & figure I would love to emulate. In addition, look at that bod! You only have to google ‘Eva Mendes beauty fitness secrets’ to find a wealth of information on the world wide web.

In a recent shoot with Zest magazine, the 37-year old actress said: “I focus on the inside out – so it’s all about what I’m eating, how I’m feeding my body and how much water I’m drinking. I don’t eat meat, but I eat a lot of fish and brown rice. I love bread, too. People are always surprised when I eat bread in restaurants! I mostly stick to wholemeal, though. When in doubt, go dark with the food – so I stay away from white pasta, white rice and white bread and that keeps things simple for me.” Eva Mendes - workout inspiration

On her fitness regime, she “hit[s] the gym three to four times a week to do light weights – not too many repetitions – which target my whole body, and some serious cardio – normally sprinting and interval running. 
The minimum I do cardio for is 35 minutes, but you can get a lot done in that time if you use it wisely. And then I spend about an hour on the weight training. I also do yoga twice a week.”
I love her no-nonsense approach – I hate it when actresses whinge about doing no exercise and eating burgers, it is so tiresome. Mendes admits to exercising regularly, and I love the detail in her regime – it’s something we could all do with following and emulating. Her food advice is great too – I’m a white bread addict, but I’ve given it up all for 2012!