Sojourning in Norfolk

Just a little post for you guys to let you know what I’ve been up to!

I was lucky enough to escape the rat-race for a couple of days and head back to my home-town of Norwich.

Norfolk days 1

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been dog-sitting for the last couple of days – his name is Zach and he was one adorable (albeit extremely naughty) pooch.

Check out this video to see Zach in action.

Norfolk days 2

I was thoroughly spoiled – mum knows I’ve been having a tough time of it all so I got breakfast in bed, trips out and cakes galore.

Norfolk days 3

It’s only a short little post, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my photo snapshots!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Til next time! A x


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Take a moment: June


What a jolly old June it’s been. It’s certainly been a funny month – filled with highs; Lovebox and seeing Groove Armada play the most amazing set, falling in love with the band Little Dragon and discovering I’m a terrible poker player.

For my diary entry, click here.

I saw this on Lipssofacto and thougt it was a nice way to share songs – I’ve always got a playlist on the go and I love to find out what other people are listening to (such a nosey parker!) so my songs of the moment are –

Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans
Supergrass, Moving
Little Dragon – Ritual Unions
Friendly Fires – Jump in the Pool
Groove Armada – My Friend

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic June. Till next time x


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How to mend a sad heart


Stuff has been hard recently. Realising you wasted 2 years of your life on someone who would always bring you down and take from you is tough to stomach. Coming to terms with things that happened years & years ago is never easy. Being led on and used is hurtful and makes you feel like a fool.

These are an amalgamation of all the things that have gotten me down recently.

A friend texted me recently to see how I was and after a conversation told me that my ‘little heart is sad’. That’s exactly what it is; everything has just piled on top of me and it’s turned the sunny days grey.


I’ve written these things partly with the hope that it will help you smile, and partly as a form of catharsis.

1) Allow yourself to go through the motions

Don’t be ashamed to feel upset or angry. Human beings have the capacity within them to be incredibly hurtful and really, really stupid to their fellow animals.

Get mad, get sad, cry, throw things about, dance to loud music – anything that allows you to express yourself.

Don’t question it – don’t question why something has made you so upset, just ride the feeling and go with it. Embrace it, wallow in it, revel in being human and feeling stuff. Enjoy it – enjoy being utterly self-indulgent.


Tell yourself not to stonewall or block your emotions, but to experience them like some sort of river you are traveling on.

You are an emotional Pocahontas, so get your canoe and go round the freaking riverbend.

Take time to observe how you react; how and why the tears stop coming, the mental images that still make you smile, the beating of your heart when you get angry.

Congratulations – you’re learning about yourself and developing a relationship with yourself.

2) Look at pictures of animals

We all know how much I love animals by now (and if you don’t, this post will help you remember)

Animals are beautiful and wonderful things; they love unconditionally and only do what is best for the species. Animals are simplistic and fluffy and cuddly and need feeding and routine and they simply are fantastic.

For example, here is a gorgeous dog with a glass of wine balanced on his head:


And here is a pug who really wants some bacon:
See? It is physically impossible not to feel enlightened by these two pictures.

3) Read
Read everything.

Google all your questions about what has gone wrong for you and trawl through forums to see if the answers match up.

Read about different experiences. Read about heartbreak, again and again and again. About love lost, and above all love found and things going bloody right for once.

Read about tentatively hoping for the future. About trust.

Read fantastic poetry, dark poetry, beautiful poetry.

Read until your soul is full with all the other people in the world and their thoughts; hold them close and embrace it.

4) Write

Go create. Write those feelings down and store it somewhere special. Don’t be afraid to express yourself (remember no.1) despite how cringeworthy it might seem.

Look at the above picture. It should inspire you. Silvia Plath is my favourite poet and she has some excellent reasons.

5) Make a fuss of yourself

So you want to spend £20 on a Chinese take out and watch re-runs of New Girl whilst wrapped in a towel with a face mask on? Do it. So you want to take a walk in the rain with no coat on just because you like getting soaked to the skin? Do it.

Do everything. Drink a cappuccino, sit on a squishy leather sofa, go to places that make you reminisce, places that make you gasp at their beauty. Look for hidden meanings in lyrics that apply to your situation; just indulge in baths and candles and beautiful bedlinen and expensive pajamas.

6) Give yourself time

Don’t rush into something else. Fill yourself up with you for once. Take some time for yourself for once. Tell people to go f*ck themselves for once. Don’t allow people to take advantage of your kind heart for once. Surround yourself with the same sex for once. Flirt with all the boys for once. (Ok, I always do that)

The point being is that you need to get used to your inner heart compass pointing due North, to yours truly, to you and you alone. You are reprogramming.

You’ll be suffering from a surfeit of time; time spent on the phone to try to help people or perhaps time spent trying to catch someone’s attention. When all this time lands in your lap it is somewhat bewildering, somewhat tempting to just give it to someone else. Well, I believe it helps to volunteer. Give your time that you don’t know what to do with to those who don’t have a hope in the world; to abandoned animals, people without homes or families.

And finally:-

7) Always remember – whatever terrible tragedies that have happened in your life, things that have been said, time and experiences lost, feelings battered and bruised – your heart is not ‘broken’ – your heart is just sad. It will mend.

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it.

‘Til next time x

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Instagram holiday


Remember that surf holiday I told you about? Here are some lovely photos!

1 – Making home-made trifle for a Jubilee feast! | 2 – Star, the hostel’s dog – and my new best friend | 3 – My fave beach for surfing | 4 – A delicious lunch of grilled squid and prawn | 5 – The world’s HUGEST burger EVER – the perfect antidote for surf fatigue | 6 – Me with my feet dangling out of the kayak (I later regretted this, see photo 14) | 7 – A shot of the river I went kayaking down | 8 & 9 – Star again | 10 – Grilled squid with veggies | 11 – The Paintshop barbeque | 12 – I stayed at a hostel called The Paintshop – this is the veranda | 13 – A glass of my new favourite wine, Vino Verde | 14 – My sun-burnt legs in the mid-week post-kayak! | 15 – My first glimpse of the sea | 16 – Going for a wee paddle! I distinctly remember getting soaked by a rogue wave | 17 – Postcards home (that predictably I never sent…) | 18 – A gorgeous little antiques market in the square where I bought some cute earrings | 19 – The walk down to the beach was positively idyllic | 20 – Saying goodbye on the fast-train back home

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You may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting. Sorry! I’m on somewhat of a blog holiday at the moment.

This was sparked by me being taken advantage of by a cowboy designer who promptly ripped off another lovely bloggers layout. It was all very upsetting and led to people being snarky. Deciding that I was going to take something positive from this mess, I took the initiative to do something I’ve wanted to do for ages and change my blog name  – and Love Mealie was born.

Love Mealie is the sign-off I write on most of my emails, so I thought it would be super cute to have as a blog name. It’s much more personal and much more about me. It’s somewhat of a rebrand, so for the minute my blog posts have headed back to draft so I can make them more relevant and beautiful. I hope it will lead to a more focused, enjoyable reading experience 🙂

The lovely Faye Marie (aka my personal angel) is redesigning the entire look of this ‘ere blog – so please check back from time to time, and subscribe on Hello Cotton and follow me on Twitter where you’ll be the first to know when everything goes live.

Thanks again for sticking with me 🙂

LOVE mealie x

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