Lisa Shepherd event & reader offer



When the lovely Hayley from London Beauty Queen emailed me to let me know about a beauty event that she could no longer attend, I was overjoyed to discover that she wanted myself and Tamsin from Little Glitter to go in her place!

We rocked up to the newly opened Lisa Shepherd salon near Oxford Circus. I’ve popped some photos up of the simply awesome interior. I really love the fact that the salon pops with colour. For too long hair establishments have stuck to the same-old black ‘n’ chintz look that is so outdated – I really like the zing of the yellows, reds and lighting.


The Lisa Shepherd salon is run by the simply lovely Jason Cocking, who I’ve popped a little photo of on the left. A very talented chap who has styled the hair of Cat Deeley, Nigella Lawson and the Olsen twins (there were little squeals of delight in the room when this fact was revealed!)

Jason gave us a little insight into the ‘mane menu’ offered at the London salon – a trend-led set of services that show off the skills of the hairdressers and really help you to look your best and most fashion forward!

One of the things Jason talked about was the ever popular dip-dye, and the more modern take on it that Lisa Shepherd offer. Instead of a block, one-size fits all approach, they take into account your face shape, hair type and skin colour and create the dip-dye of your dreams!

Jason was absolutely lovely, and you could tell that he was ever so passionate about hairdressing. It was really lovely to see and I thought he was a sweetheart! I can honestly say that I have no doubt that he will be winning London hairdresser of the year very soon.

I plumped for a very perfect finish, which was a cut and style and a little helping hand from one of the experienced hairdressers in the salon. My lovely lady (who I’ve forgotten the name of, which is really annoying as I want to grab her the next time I visit) took one look at my hair and said that I didn’t need to get the back cut, but just a little shaping at the front. I believe this is the mark of a good hair dresser – most see my hair and just want to whip the scissors out, but she understood that I was growing mine, and just needed a little more volume. With a snippety snip of the scissors and some styling (using a product I’m going to review later!) my hair was turned from dull to darling!

A very happy face because I got my hair ‘did’ at Lisa Shepherd!

Bingo! Here I am! You can see the shaping she created in the front and the volume. I really loved what she had done and I was ever so happy with it!

She suggested that I should try a dip dye and I have to say I am tempted! Maybe I shall be visiting next pay day, and I’ll share the results if I do!

NOW – The lovely people at Lisa Shepherd have allowed me to share a fantastic offer with you all! If you call to make an appointment and quote my old blog name Tigerlily Blog, you will recieve 25% off any treatment and a complimentary shampoo & conditioner! I’d seriously recommend paying them a visit – this is a great offer and I honestly can say they really take into account *you* as a person, rather than treating you like an object. This is something I’ve yet to find in another London salon!

Will you be visiting the Lisa Shepherd salon in London? Perhaps you’d like to try a dip-dye! Do let me know if you go!