NARS Douceur review

Once I found out that I’d got a new job I immediately went out and purchased a couple of make-up pieces that I’d been burning to buy for ages. NARS Douceur was top of my list. I don’t know if you recall my February Favourites video, but in it I talk about having major contouring issues and was using a not-fit-for purpose bronzer.



Douceur means ‘softness’ in French, and I bought it largely on the strength of a review I read from Meg at Lipssofacto. Once I opened the gorgeous packaging I was shocked to find this dark, ruddy brown powder staring back at me. Zut Alors… I thought this was supposed to be subtle!
Panic over *breathes sigh of relief* Meg was absolutely right. Once I swatched the product on the back of my hand I realised that it is extremely subtle, soft and beautiful. I didn’t take a photo as the light conditions weren’t quite right, but click here to see some fab swatches and blush comparisons from Modesty Brown.

Once on, the product really comes into it’s own. I honestly think that it would suit most caucasian skin tones, and even with my yellow, sallow skin it made me look fresh faced rather than overdone. I’ve got quite a rounded face naturally, with little definition – but look what a difference it makes on camera!

It’s a really strange colour – a sort of magic-potion if you will – turning from that strange, earthen brown in the pot to a mixture of flattering pinks and browns.

As you can see, it has really sculpted my face, without looking too ‘done’ – I really love this product, and it was worth every penny of the £21 pound I spent.

You can buy NARS douceur by clicking here.

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