Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes

Montagne Jeunesse – Skin Heroes

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes

When I was contacted by Neil from Montagne Jeunesse I simply could not say no to a cheeky review – as these products literally were the first ever beauty & skincare product I ever bought. I distinctly remember being 15 and going into Superdrug and being bowled over by the beautiful ladies with fruit on their faces and desperately wanting to be them (!) Now I’m a little older and wiser and keen to see how they measure up to more premium products.

This range are called their ‘Skin Heroes’ – their strapline “With great power comes great skin” was a little nod to my geeky side which made me laugh. They are suitable for veggies and use all natural ingredients. I actually had no idea of their green credentials which really impressed me!
1) Shine Control mask – The smell of this one is delicious. I had to stop myself from eating it (I doubt it would have been pleasant) my skin felt really taught afterwards and the little treatment moisturiser afterwards was lovely.
2) Breakout mask – This comes in a 2 step treatment of mask, then moisturiser. This is possibly my favourite of the bunch, as I really love a deep-cleansing mask that you can feel working. It also features one of the more daft pictures of the bunch – the girl looks thoroughly embarrassed to have flowers and leaves on her face!
3) Pore De-Clog strips – I prefer these to my normal Biore ones as they really do draw out the blackheads (not that I get them… ahem) I also am pleased about the minimum packaging involved – many brands would do well to learn from this!
4) Dry Skin mask – This really felt like it was hydrating my skin. Although I think if anything I suffer from combination skin, I reckon if you had dry, saharah desert skin this would be a gem
5) T-Zone Peel-Off – For me this was my least favourite. I could feel it working, but more to the point I really didn’t enjoy the whole peeley-skin thing (!) But if you don’t mind looking like a swamp monster, then you’ll probably really like it.

You can buy the Skin Heroes Montagne Jeunesse range in ASDA. They are very reasonably priced, and if I’m honest more sensible to buy than a huge bottle of premium gunk that you use once or twice and then is consigned to the back of the cupboard. I speak from experience!