Recycled Beauty Box Give-Away

Recycled Beauty Box Give-Away

Hi everyone! I’ve been watching the beauty box trend grow with interest. I don’t think I could afford one myself, but I think it’s a great idea to get people involved with brands that they might not have heard of before. So many new start-up brands can’t afford the blanket advertising that the big ‘uns can, so in my mind this levels the playing field a little.

Recycled Beauty Box Give-Away

To celebrate… well, life, in general, and my blog, I wanted to create my very own beauty box to give away – but with a twist. Everything in it will be a ‘recycled’ product – either something I’ve been sent or bought that I’ve not used, or only used the tiniest bit of.

I see so many people selling their once-swatched products in blog sales that I thought I should give away some things for free that hopefully one lucky winner will love! I know it’s not the most ‘glam’ prize, but I’m all about saving the earth and so I thought it would be appropriate for my first give away. Don’t worry, I’ll be checking the dates of everything!

Just as a disclaimer – I don’t mean to be cheap – I’d love to be able to afford some new bits and pieces for you all – but on my current wages I can barely afford to sort myself out! Soon I promise! But in the mean time I thought why not give away a recycled beauty box to say thank you 🙂 Plus recycling is so much better for the planet than throwing things away – and it’s a great idea for you all to get swapping beauty products!

Now! For the rules!

1) To enter, subscribe to my Facebook, YouTube or Hello Cotton. Each will gain you an entry. So if you subscribe to all 3, you get 3 entries!

2) Please leave your email address / twitter handle / YouTube name or whatever you entered with below 🙂 You have to comment so I know you’ve entered!

3) I’ll announce the winner exactly 1 month from now, on the 6th April, on my blog. I’ll contact you first via email!

It really is that simple! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you 🙂

EDIT –  I’m not doing twitter entries because it would be too fiddly to work out! Please leave a comment here to show you’ve entered 🙂