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Remember that surf holiday I told you about? Here are some lovely photos!

1 – Making home-made trifle for a Jubilee feast! | 2 – Star, the hostel’s dog – and my new best friend | 3 – My fave beach for surfing | 4 – A delicious lunch of grilled squid and prawn | 5 – The world’s HUGEST burger EVER – the perfect antidote for surf fatigue | 6 – Me with my feet dangling out of the kayak (I later regretted this, see photo 14) | 7 – A shot of the river I went kayaking down | 8 & 9 – Star again | 10 – Grilled squid with veggies | 11 – The Paintshop barbeque | 12 – I stayed at a hostel called The Paintshop – this is the veranda | 13 – A glass of my new favourite wine, Vino Verde | 14 – My sun-burnt legs in the mid-week post-kayak! | 15 – My first glimpse of the sea | 16 – Going for a wee paddle! I distinctly remember getting soaked by a rogue wave | 17 – Postcards home (that predictably I never sent…) | 18 – A gorgeous little antiques market in the square where I bought some cute earrings | 19 – The walk down to the beach was positively idyllic | 20 – Saying goodbye on the fast-train back home

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My ‘surf holiday’ essentials

On a whim I booked a holiday to go surfing in Portugal which is approaching imminently. As pay-day cometh very soon (the only day of the month where I raise my hands to the sun in quavering praise akin to Rafiki with a lion cub) I thought you all might like to know what is on my shopping list:


1) Serena 50s Palm Tree Dress – currently on offer in Fat Face and perfect for those casual nights out in the summer sunshine
2) A good book – I’ve been recommended The Book Thief (helpfully) and Dr Seuss Green Eggs & Ham (unhelpfully) … any suggestions appreciated (!)
3) Topshop earrings – Love the colour pop of these earrings which will set off a tan perfectly
4) Relaxed prints – Adore this entire look… from Urban Outfitters
5) Cute, flat sandals – Like these ones from Nine West
6) A slogan tee – LOVE this from FCUK… makes me feel ‘naughty-cal’

Are you getting paid soon, or perhaps going on holiday? What are you planning on spending?


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