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The Style Me Vintage guide

style me vintage

I was very kindly sent the above fabulous book by Naomi Thompson herself to give an independent and honest review so you all know whether it is worth buying.

Firstly – I love this book. It is simply beautiful, making for a gorgeous addition to your coffee table or bookshelf. The attention to detail is fabulous, from the cut-out, shabby chic strip add ons and buttons to the inner folds which have beautiful patterns. I was already drooling before I started to read!

Now if you are an old-time reader you may remember (and chuckle) at my stylish faux pas at a vintage store many moons ago. So this foolproof guide is something of a bible for me. With an easy to follow and informative section on each decade, Naomi helps us to identify ‘real’ vintage by zips, patterns and cuts. There is no preachiness and her tone is simply lovely – unlike many vintage-hounds I’ve met, I don’t feel a plum despite not knowing what a ‘peplum’ is.

The other bit which is great about this book is that Naomi recognises that certain eras worshipped certain body shapes. I’ve learnt that my go-to 60s/20s look isn’t the best for my figure, and I should instead look at 50s and 70s clothing. This was a real revelation for me and I definitely feel equipped for whatever those musty shelves throw at me!

In short, this was a delightful read, and thoughtful too – she has a real talent for writing and it shows. If vintage baffles you, I highly recommend this book as it takes your hand carefully and you feel very educated by the end of it! Would I buy it personally – yes! And I’ve already bought it as a present for a friend!
You can buy the Style Me Vintage guide to clothes by Naomi Thompson by clicking here.

What’s your top vintage tip?